a quite decent typewriter face (in 20th century terms) was designed for
cherokee in the early 1960s, and some booklets using it were published by
the cherokee nation in tahlequah, oklahoma.

this face was also used in durbin feeling's *cherokee-english* dictionary
published by the cherokee nation in 1975, and in the textbook *beginning
cherokee* by ruth bradley holmes & betty sharp smith, published by the
u/okla press in 1976. i can provide xeroxed samples of these by snailmail,
on request.

when visiting tahlequah in 1994, i bought a booklet, "cherokee made easy",
which is apparently in a computer font patterned on the 19th century model
- a step backward, i'd say. cheers; bill

>At 21:27 -0500 2001-11-09, Phillip Driscoll wrote:
>>My candidate for the script which seems to have only pathetic fonts
>>available is Cherokee. Hermann Zapf designed a really nice font for
>>the University of Wisconsin about thirty years ago, but I don't believe
>>it was ever used, and it's not available as a digital font.
>I have samples of it and could digitize it. I have lots of samples of
>Cherokee writing, including 19th-century manuscript samples (from
>diaries), and one fine day I hope to do up a suite of fonts for
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