At 08:41 -0700 10/11/01, John Jenkins wrote:

>Both Cherokee and Deseret suffer from the fact that they were designed in
>the early to mid-19th century when American typography was not exactly at
>its best. I think as the pressure comes for type designers to include
>*everything* in Unicode in their fonts, we may see some interesting
>designs aesthetically acceptable in the 21st century. Maybe if Herr Zapf
>has a few spare moments... :-)

My Everson Mono Cherokee is nice and clean.

>Meanwhile, it *does* bring up an interesting problem in script analysis --
>trying to determine what visual features of a writing system are truly its
>essential characteristics and which are just artifacts of the way the
>sample happened to be written.

And what about these Palms that make people use completely
ahistorical ductus for many of their letters? This disturbs me.... ;-)
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