Dear Qalam members,

When terrible things happen around us, we all feel the need of discussing such things with others.

However, please allow me to remind the suggestions of Qalam's "manifesto" ( about topicality:

2) Topic.
Qalam is a forum for discussing "the writing systems of the world".
If thou realisest that the message thou art posting is off-topic,
please prefix the mail subject with an [OT] indicator, so that
other members will realize at-a-glance that thou art talking about
something else. If thou thinkst that an off-topic discussion is
becoming too long, consider asking the other people engaged in
it to follow thee to another forum, or to continue the discussion

So, if anyone knows mailing list or newsgroups which specifically deal with this topic, please feel free to post their addresses on Qalam. We are all interested in this information.

Seshat (Qalam owner)


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