I'd like to point out two things.

you say in times of stress you revert to native
tongue. While I can accept that out of a theoretical
point of view, that is not true.

I was brought up completely bilingually, I count in
english, say my alphabet in dutch, and I don't care
which I speak when. Often I have to think about which
one I can speak. In times of stress, it does not
matter either. for the rest, people would label me
english because of my accent. This could be the case
here. This is just my point of view,mind you.

You say no names have been the US this
might be true, but I read an article in the UK paper
which contained several names of people either brought
in for questioning, or who where part of the team of
hijackers. So they do have some information!

Just my point of view


"Violence is the first resort of the incompetent"

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