you're obviously following the news more closely that
I have had a chance too, so thanks for your first
point..i'm going to go away and think about that.

On the second. I see three possible scenaries.
1) they find the real baddies
2) they find a scapegoat, and while we're all busy
blaming them the real baddies get away (palastinians,
anyone? We're treating them like scapegoats, 'sure'
they must be the proof. And if we do not
let democracy run it's course, we have done the
terrorists work for them and destroyed the concept we
have fought hard for by ourselves).
3) WW3

And it is the third concept that worries me. Because I
see Bush prepared to initiate that.

Peace through superior FlowerPower

"Violence is the first resort of the incompetent"

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