The first thing I want to do is to express my condolences to the victims of
this tragedy... nothing that can be said or done will ever repair the damage
that has been caused by these senseless acts.

Now, I've been following the news, and there was one bit of news that I
found disturbing, because (to me) it seems to point toward these attacks
coming from a domestic terrorist organization:
There are several reports of calls made from the hijacked planes, and in at
least one of them a passanger apparently refers to what the hijackers were
saying... if these were even connected to a group in the Middle East (the
most likely hypothesis according to the media), it would not make one lick
of sense for them to be discussing their plans, in English, in front of the
passangers. I know there may have been a (probably) Arab speaking passanger
on board, with a cell phone in one of the planes, but considering the
demographic make up of the US, and in particular that of the people who
would travel from coast to coast on a Wednesday morning, that scenario is
not too likely from a statistical perspective, not to mention that that fact
would probably have been reported by the media. Does anyone know of a
different, reasonable, explanation?

I know the who done it won't change the what done it, the lives that were
lost were lost forever. And that brings me to another poit that probably
won't be very popular. I'm really worried about possible retaliation, not
because I want to defend the ones who did this, but rather because as
dubious as "an eye for an eye" may be as a principle in the dealings of
individuals, "an innocent for an innocent" is a terrifying prospect in the
dealings of governments. A life is a life, and a child is no more sacred or
precious than another because of where he/she was born.

I'm appalled at the possibility that these attacks may have been fraticidal,
but that does not change the fact that I am appalled by the fact that these
attacks were perpetrated by beings that can be genetically described as
humans (I hestiate to say 'human beings').

Clea Saal
"Soulless" No sex, no aliens, just a chilling possibility...
because the end has already begun.
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