> > BTW, a totally unrelated question: has any European language ever
> > written in Arabic letters? Either when Arabs dominated Spain and
Sicily or
> > (more recently) when Turks dominated the Balkans.
With respect that question i have found one more bit of information.

Yes, when the arabs still where in Spain, there were morisc's "romance" texts
(where "romance" stands for Spanish) written in "aljamía". The word
"aljamía" comes from the name arabs have for languages other
than arab (so that it might be a word given by the moriscs themselves. See
note 2.), but in Spanish it means the Spanish written with the arab
alphabet, and also by an extension "aljamía" means the "sefaradí" (jewish
Spanish) written in the same alphabet as hebrew.

Notes: 1. i have writen the diacritic accent, it might be a problem to see
it, the words that have it are: < aljami'a > and < sefaradi' >.
2. "morisc" where the arabs that were remaining in Spain christians land.

Yours cordially,