This is an archive of the Fonts subfolder of the Modern scripts folder of the links of the Yahoo! qalam group.

Archived Links

LinkUploaded byOriginal date or status
Free chinese fonts
Simplified and traditional
chichinois29 November 2005
Proposal for a GNU Unicode font
Marco.Cimarosti@...31 August 2000
Dr. Berlin's Foreign Font Archive
100's free fonts (non Unicode) for virtually any script
Marco.Cimarosti@...31 August 2000
Everson Typography
Celtic, Inuktitut, and more...
seshat@...30 August 2000

Updates to Links

Some of the original links above are now dead. Updated links are provided below where known:

Dr Berlin

The old site, which had apparently migrated to, closed down on 31 January 2005. That leaves the archive on the Wayback machine.

Everson Typography

The original link is now a mere redirect. Head rather for the new location.

Other Content

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