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Archived Links

LinkUploaded byOriginal date or status
How to write the Tibetan( dbu-can) script
Illustrations which show you how to write Tibetan
cjfynn10 April 2007
Chinese Tools
Tools for the chinese language, learning materials, dictionaries, calligraphy...
chichinois29 November 2005
Omniglot - a guide to writing systems
An over view of over 150 different writing sytems and many of the languages they are used to write
omniglot6 April 2003
Letter database
"Special" character needed for a lot of languages written in Latin or Cyrillic alphabets.
Marco.Cimarosti@...19 September 2000
Character repertoires for languages of Europe
Results of CEN Workshop Alpha on writing systems of European languages
seshat@...31 August 2000
Society for Maltese Computing
Maltese, Latin-based with some marks and digraphs. The only semitic script written with Latin?
srl@...30 August 2000
Chinese Characters and Culture
All about hanzi
seshat@...30 August 2000

Updates to Links

Some of the original links above are now dead. Updated links are provided below where known:

Writing Tibetan

The original link is dead. Head rather for its new location.

Alphabets of Europe

The original link is now a mere redirect. Head rather for the new location.

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