This is an archive of the Scripts_on_computer folder of the links of the Yahoo! qalam group.

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e-Typography for non-Latin scripts
seshat@...30 August 2000

Archived Loose Links

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Tools for the chinese language
Converters, encoder, unicode, traditional / simplified, ...
chichinois29 November 2005
Study the Ancient Egyptian Language Online
nicolebhansen18 April 2005
Roman Czyborra's page
Unicode in the Unix Environment
seshat@...30 August 2000
Unicode Home Page
The Unicode Standard, the foundation for the internationalization of software
seshat@...30 August 2000

Updates to Links

Some of the original links above are now dead or severely suboptimal. Updated links are provided below where known:

Unicode Consortium

The old homepage was redesigned in 2019 to make it flashier and less useful. The old style alternative homepage was added to provide better access to technical information.

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