Seshat welcomes thee to Qalam, a mailing list about the writing systems of the world.

Alphabets, syllabaries, logographs, ideographs, hieroglyphs, Braille, sign language writing, calligraphy, typography, graphology, fonts, character sets, input methods, modern scripts, ancient scripts, fictional scripts, paleography, deciphering ancient writing... These are just a few examples of the things that are on-topic in Qalam.

Whether thou art an expert in any of these topics, or just hast a few questions to ask about writing system, join Qalam!

I only ask thee to follow these few rules:

  1. Netiquette. Nothing complicated: use thy usual politeness, and be tolerant with members who know less than thee, or who indulge in heretic opinions. However, racism, sexism, obscenity and profanity are absolutely not welcome. Please drop me a line in case that such things appear in Qalam.
  2. Topic. Qalam is a forum for discussing "the writing systems of the world". If thou realisest that the message thou art posting is off-topic, please prefix the mail subject with an [OT] indicator, so that other members will realize at-a-glance that thou art talking about something else. If thou thinkst that an off-topic discussion is becoming too long, consider asking the other people engaged in it to follow thee to another forum, or to continue the discussion privately.
  3. Site rules. We are the guests of Yahoo!Groups, former eGroups (, so please make sure that thy behaviour also complies with the eGroups rules (see Member Guidelines).
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