Table Name:  Bibliography
Table Description:  Useful publications about writing systems

Title \/ Author Publisher, date ISBN Description Submitted by
Il disco di Festo: l'enigma di una scrittura [it: The Phaistos disk: the dilemma of a writing system]  Godart, Louis  Einaudi (Italy), 1994  8806128922  The book summarizes all we really know about the disc. There should be an English translation, but I know no details.  M.Cimarosti 
The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Writing Systems  Coulmas, Florian  Blackwell, 1999  063121481X  "A vital reference resource not only for the serious scholar of writing but for anyone" (Amazon)  Seshat 
The Unicode Standard, Version 3.0  Unicode Consortium, The (ed.)  Addison-Wesley, 2000  0201616335  "The Unicode character-encoding standard, which makes it possible to create global software" (back cover)  Seshat 
The World's Writing Systems  Daniels, Peter T. (ed.); Bright, William (ed.)  Oxford University Press, 1996  0195079930  "A comprehensive and very reliable reference work on grammatology" (P. Szymczak on Amazon)  Seshat 
Writing Systems of the World : Alphabets, Syllabaries, Pictograms  Nakanishi, Akira  Charles E Tuttle, 1999 (reprint)  0804816549  "A must for all linguists/language students! (Confession: I love the way this book smells!; literally!)" (H. Nagy on Amazon)  Seshat 
Written Language and Literacy (magazine)  Bright, William (ed.)  Benjamins, Amsterdam, NL  1387-6732 (ISSN)  "I've gotten this since it started, and there have been a number of interesting articles." (P. Constable on Qalam)  Seshat