Pokorny Root Index


  p   t   k^   k   kw  
  ph   th   k^h   kh   kwh  
  b   d   g^   g   gw  
  bh   dh   g^h   gh   gwh  
  s   h  
  m   n  

  w   l   r   y

  a   e   i   o   u  

Warning! Laryngeals are omitted.

Pokorny does not contain any roots starting with *k^h, *kwh or *th.

There are too many roots starting with s (or s mobile) to display in a single file on some browsers (e.g. NTL internet TV). They are therefore split into three pages:

s + vowel   s + resonant   s + plosive  
For convenience, sw- and sy- are included in both s+vowel and s+resonant.

They are also available on a single page s (67k).

  Spelling in Indexes

Roots are normally shown in their e-grade.

The semivowels are denoted by 'v' and 'y'. 'w' denotes labialisation, as in the labiovelars.

  Spelling in On-line Pokorny

The semivowels are denoted by 'u_' and 'i_'. 'k|w' denotes the labiovelar.