Pokorny Root Index g'-

  536 g'a:>b   'to show, to watch'
  543 g'a:>r   'to call, cry out'
  546 g'ebh   'branch, stick'
  547 g'egh   'branch; bush'
  550 g'e:i   'to sprout'
  552 g'eid   'to suck'
  554 g'eis   'gravel'
  558 g'el   'light, to shine; to be joyful'
  561 g'(e)lo:v   'sister-in-law (spouse's sister)'
  563 g'embh   'to bite,; tooth'
  564 g'em(e)   'to marry'
  566 g'en1   'to bear'
  567 g'en2   'to know'
  571 g'enu1   'knee, joint'
  572 g'enu2   'chin(bone)'
  573 g'ep(h)   'to eat, jaw, mouth'
  578 g'er   'to rub; to be old; grain'
  580 g'ers   'to turn, to bend'
  582 g'eu   'to advance; to hurry'
  584 g'eus   'to taste, to enjoy'
  588 g'lei   'to run up to'
  630 g'(h)eg'h   'ferret'?
  722 g'ver   'to burn and be hot'