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> > > How do you pronounce 'top', 'bomb', 'calm', 'talk',
> > > 'walk', 'horse' and 'hoarse'?
> >
> > Like this [tap], [bam], [kalm], [tak], [wak], [hOrs] and [hOrs].
> i pronounce these as [t_hOp_}], [bO:m], [k_hA5m], [t_hA5k_}],
> [wA5k_}], [hOr\s], and [hOr\s], and i speak what i consider to
> be standard north american english...

Sorry, I missed this part the first time around. I do
aspirate the voiceless stops of course. I just forgot
to notate that as I was concentrating on the vowels.
However I seldom aspirate at the end of a word, as you
have here. Are you from back east? I don't think I've
ever heard the 'l' pronounced in 'calm', 'walk' or 'talk',
and is there really a vowel that close in 'top' and 'bomb'?