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> What evidence is there for there being a secondary stress
> in 'hiccup'?

Well since I assumed that [V] occurs only under primary or
secondary stress, I also assumed that there had to be one.
That's what you call a circular argument! (-:

> I also enter æ with ALT 0230, but
> Ossetian friends tell me that it doesn't show up correctly
> in e-mail. I'm not sure why, it seems to work in my posts
> to cybalist, although maybe it's not showing correctly in
> people's individual deliveries.
> I wonder if it's an issue of which 8-bit encoding around.
> I wonder if they are using codes with the high bit set for
> Cyrillic.

?????????? The computer is even more incomprehensible than
English phonology to me!

> I must say that using /{/ instead of /æ/ will quickly make
> postings incomprehensible.

I just started using plain 'a'.