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> the first chart has a couple problems:
> in most dialects, the first element of the dipthong is the
> same as the vowel in 'bet', [E]

Do you mean the diphthong that I wrote as /ej/ 'say', or
/aj/ 'buy'?

> the vowel in 'bought' is usually a back vowel... [A] in my
> dialect, [Q] in RPish dialects

I think that this might be part of the problem. I was
under the misimpression that [A] was rounded, and was
certain that it wasn't in my dialect. I think now maybe
it's possible that it is, but that I can't distinguish it
from [a] in self-analysis. However, Glen Gordon, who is
Canadian, says that he pronounces 'not' [nAt], and my
pronounciation of 'not' is definitely different from that
of the Canadians.