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Another very useful link:
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If you'd like to start with samfink good but semi-popular, try this:

J. C. Wells. 1982. Accents of English 2: The British Isles. Cambridge: CUP.

For a more detailed account, these are the standard books:

W. Matthews. 1938 [reprinted 1972]. Cockney Past and Present. London: Routledge.

E. Sivertsen. 1960. Cockney Phonology. Oslo: Oslo University Press.

You will certainly enjoy this website, though it doesn't mention phonology, but there's everything else there, including up-to-date rhyming slang:




Urban asks:
Do you happen to know some trustworthy, comprehensive description of Cockney phonology/phonetics that you can recommend? After listening a bit to what I've found I've noticed some features that I didn't know about earlier (disregarding glottal ghosts). Unfortunately, it's not very easy for me to find spoken material, so I'd very much like to read some good, systematic description (which also saves me some thinking -- a very dangerous thing indeed :)).

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