This is a restoration of the Yahoo Pali group. Restoration is in progress; the first pass of message restoration was completed on Saturday 12 December 2020, and the first pass of restoration of the files, photos and links was completed on Monday 21 December 2020.

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Group Description

This is a forum for anyone with an interest in Pali language and literature, as well as Pali translation works. The oldest Theravada literature is written in Pali. Understanding Pali is like holding the key to the rich contents of Pali Tipitaka. Although a large portion of it has been translated into several languages, it can be appreciated and understood in greater depth when studied in its original language.

Main discussion topics:
1. Tipitaka and sutta study
2. Pali language and literature
3. Theravada Buddhism
4. Samatha (Tranquillity) and Vipassana (Insight) meditation
5. Sutta study tools and methodology
6. Pali translation theory and practice

The study of early Buddhism will always be the objective of the majority of those who take up Pali ..... It must be said that the Pali texts themselves are the only reliable authority as to their meaning ..... Rather than add another volume to the bewildering mass of books on "Buddhism", it seems more constructive to open a door directly on the Pali ..... The object is to lay open before the reader the actual texts of ancient Buddhism ..... and to let them speak for themselves in their own language. Dr. A. K. Warder, Introduction to Pali (3rd Edition)

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