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> > > Why are you posting the stuff you have gathered when Piotr, the
> true
> > > intellectual, has left the list.
> >
> > a) Piotr joined the original Nostratic as a disbeliever, in his own
> words,
> > as a 'devil's advocate'. It was never Piotr's property; he was a
> reserve
> > custodian.
> Who is the moderator over on Nostratic? I thought the list was now
> defunct?

Cyril Babaev is, if he ever stops his e-mails bouncing. I think of
Nostratica as controlled 'Nostratic', so often call Nostratica Nostratic by
mistake. Anyway, by 'it' I meant this list, Nostratica.

> If the purpose of this group is for a bunch of guys to highlight
> info. from a book or two with their new wands and record it for
> posterity, that's fine. But I'm all for a more philosophical
> discussion of what actually language orgins means.

> Only [lost] interest in participating because I'm without a wand or "the"

Some members may be interested simply in _understanding_ the books. But we
have members here who want to correct the books, be quoted in them, or even
to write the books themselves. Others may simply want to know what the
books are.