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> I have not but if someone would offer me an explanation as to how
and where, I'd be more than pleased to attempt the task. Why is it
you think this group could be deleted by Yahoo?

Yahoo have been sending notices to moderators of little-used groups
saying that if they don't see some activity at the group within 90
days, the group will be deleted. I don't know whether they take
visits into account. If a group gets a lot of visits, that ought to
be an argument for keeping the group, for people are then seeing
their e-mail accounts. We wouldn't know if this group were about to
be deleted, for Cyril Babaev lost interest (or time) a long time ago.

Of course, it may already have been saved at the Internet Archive

There are two obvious ways of saving it. One is to save all the
messages using the GNU wget program (though Yahoo might block it).
You'd have to download everything at least twice to avoid getting
ads instead of posts. Another is to view everything manually and
save it. (With IE, you can avoid the last step if you have a large
enough cache. Just view everything and then save your cache!)