Will do, Piotr.
But first, I need a new name for the group.
Should it be Nostratic2?  Or NewNostratic?  Or other?
Your suggestion would be most helpful.
Also, should I ask the old members to sign up or should I simply move them over to the new group?  Never know which way to proceed on that one.
Your policy on Cybalist is pretty much what mine on Language-Origins and GlobalBrain have been.  Yes, I do like your idea of discipling off-list.  I shall follow that.
Actually I'll follow all your suggestions.  They're great.
Yes, I'll be pleased to sign you up as reserve moderator and if there are any others out there who are reading this and wish to be made reserve moderator, please inform me.
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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Sent: Monday, December 02, 2002 11:01 AM
Subject: Re: [nostratic] A new Nostratic list?

I suggest that since Gerry was the first to volunteer, she should open a new list and get registered as its owner and moderator. Then she can appoint one or two reserve moderators. I don't mind being one of them as long as Gerry is prepared to take care of the routine business most of the time. Then the inauguration of a new forum should be announced on Nostratic and all the Nostratic members should be invited to join it -- excluding "idmpost34" or any other spammers, of course.

My policy on Cybalist is to moderate any new members until I have a chance to see that they know how to behave. Spammers are thrown off the list at once. I occasionally have to discipline people who violate standard netiquette, but I prefer to do that off-list. I'd set the status of all the Nostratic members who move to the new list to "Can post without moderation", and _then_ (after making sure that Mr. idmpost34 & al. are not aboard) select the setting "New members are moderated" in the list properties.


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