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> >As far as I know, definite ajectives in Germanic, is marked by an
> >en/on-exstention of the stem, not e/o.
> However this is not reconstructed for ProtoGermanic itself, is it?
> I certainly know from the hours of sitting on my gramma's knee that
> some Germanic languages like the Swedish she spoke to me has markers
> for definiteness... but in ProtoGermanic itself? I thought this
> developed later than the PGerm. stage.
> > - love gLeN

My dayly language is Norwegian, which is nearly the same language as

The scandinavian languages has markers for definitness and
indefinitness in nouns and ajectives, but they are of different

In nouns the origin is a post-fixed pronoun, and this use is to be
dated back to around 500-900 AD.

In ajectives the origin is much older, and is related to the
equivalent endings in German.
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