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> >> >Articles are very common in vso-languages and often found in
> I believe some Germanic (Scandinavian) & Romance (Rumanian)
languages have
> articles after the noun, but AFAIK these languages are not SOV.
> Thanks, Knut.
> Marc


Most languages in europe is of the svo-type, but often with strong

In svo-languages, it seems, articles can be placed both before and
after the noun.

The scandinavian languages, Rumenian, Basque, Albanian, and Bulgarian
(as far as I remember) have articles after the noun, the same is true
for some russian dialects (standard russian do not have articles).

In these languages the post-fixed article are not any more an
independent word, but has totally merged with the noun declention,
and grammers of these languages useually speak about definite and
indefinite forms.

This border does not seem to go between slavonic and the rest, even
though many slavonic languages are east of this border. In
scandinavia the border goes between the scandinavian languages and