>> >Articles are very common in vso-languages and often found in svo-
>> >languages.
>> Interesting. Is this so, that articles are far more typical of VO
>> than of OV languages? Thanks, Knut. Marc
>The use of articles in the Near East and Europe has an interesting
>About 3000 years ago,only the semitic vso-languages in the near east
>used articles. Then the idea of using articles spread to Greek, and
>then further to latin/romance and north to the germanic languages and
>celtic languages.
>However, every language used its own materials to form articles,
>mostly pronons as the definite article, and the word "One" as
>indefinite article.
>By now there is a sharp border going through Europe from north to
>south. West of this border every language has articles, east of it
>articles are mostly not used.

Is this border between the Germanic+Romance & the Slavic languages?

I believe some Germanic (Scandinavian) & Romance (Rumanian) languages have
articles after the noun, but AFAIK these languages are not SOV.

Thanks, Knut.