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> What is the preferable order in in the Kartvelian, Vasconic
(Basque) and NEC
> languages? And what about different languages from the hypothetical
> Sino-Dene family?
As far as I remember: Vasconic: SOV.

Sino-dene: Very variable. The Na-dene group mostlty sov. The sinetic
group mostly svo.

However the Na-dene group offers an interesting feature that I think
reflects a gradual shift in word order from svo to sov.

The verb has a very complex structure with a lot of incorporated
prefixed pronouns. The subject pronoun is nearest to the verb root.
I think that reflects a former svo-order. The object pronoun is
prefixed more loosely before the subject pronoun, which reflects a
period where the word order had shifted to sov.

I have the hypotesis that incorporated pronouns often reflect a
former word order. In the steppe-group personal affixes are endings.
That may reflect a period where subject often was placed after the
This may reflect a former vso/svo-type. (I a vso-language, the order
svo are very often used alternativly)

In the semitic group, subject affixes are prefixed or suffixed,
varying with tense/aspect. Object affixes are suffixed. This may
reflect a former vso-type.