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> >Because the difference in prinsiple between typical VSO and
> >SOV is so great, i think It is worth considering this difference
> >between Aphro-Asiatic and other branches, when making comparisons,
> >and proposing subgroups.
> But which Afro-Asiatic? Semitic is VSO, except Akkadian and the
> Ethiopic branch, which are SOV. Berber and Egyptian are VSO, Chadic
> is SVO, Cushitic and Omotic are SOV.
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Is really Akkadian, Athiopic, Cushitic and Osmotic typical SOV,or are
they a mixed type - with the Verb last in the sentence, but still
with preposted attributes, and with prepositions. If so the verb-
position could easily be explained by geografical influence. I am not
any expert in those languages, but have once read that explanation.