Gerry, give this infantile confrontational bullshit up, will ya? I'm
not interested in having a tug-o-war concerning linguistic minutiae.

Since I've never published anything in my life, I honestly could care
less about "prominence" in comparative linguistics. My thoughts on
Nostratic and particularly Mid IE are completely open for the taking
on my personal website, to be used by others who might further profit
intellectually from my input.

Eurasiatic *is* an understood term amongst most learned linguists,
whether it be long-range comparative linguists or linguists in
general, because Joseph Greenberg is widely known for his
contraversial mass comparison techniques. So, sadly for you, it
would be well advised that you come up with another name so
as to not confuse others in the field and you might want to give
up the hostility that you harbour towards me, while you're at it.

One final food-for-thought: Who's *truely* seeking prominence when
one craves desperately to radically redefine established
terminology? Just a thought.

Glen Gordon

email: glengordon01@...
ph: (604)904.0320

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