Following up regarding:

Og litlu síðar er Jórunn gekk að sofa togaði Melkorka af
henni og lagði skóklæðin á gólfið.

I mistranslated part of this, and I see now that the text is talking
about "when Jorunn went to sleep." However, is it a good guess that
this means something more like "when Jorunn went to go to sleep." In
other words, Jorunn wasn't actually sleeping when the footwear was
removed, was she?

I am thinking that this is like in English if you say that someone went
to vote. They may or may not be voting at the actual moment you say
this. They may be on their way to the polling station, for example.

Second question: Is there something that Melkorka does in putting the
shoe on the floor that makes Jorunn pick up the stockings and beat her
about the head? My first thought was: who cares if you put shoes on the
floor? After all, that's what they touch when you walk. One thing that
comes to mind is the footwear that was used in those days wasn't
necessarily like our modern shoe. Perhaps it was more flexible, so that
if you put it on the floor (which was most likely a dirt floor, I would
think) it wouldn't support its own weight and the sides of the shoe
would touch the dirt floor. Any other ideas of what sets off Jorunn?
The real issue is, of course, Hoskuld's actions, but what was the
immediate trigger?