> I have recorded a sound sample of GÖNDUL using some sort of
> reconstructed Old Norse:
> http://www.geocities.com/jepe2503/gondul.wav
> Note the sentence "Nuunän köm ooLe:" ("Now comes the word:", Modern
> Jamtlandic dialect) before the actual word. I have recorded it as a
> sample of my own default accent; then you may peel of my accent from
> the recording and add, e.g., Modern Icelandic accent if you would
> like to (or any other accent - but I think my own should do the work).

Here's mine:


Göndul ok Skögul
sendi Gauta-Týr
at kjósa um konunga;
hverr Yngva ættar
skyldi með Óðni fara
ok í Valhöllu vera.

The god of the Gautar
sent Göndul and Skögul
to choose among kings;
who of Yngvi's kin
should go to Óðinn
and stay in Valhöll.