Re: IE models (was: Ligurian)

From: Bhrihskwobhloukstroy
Message: 69606
Date: 2012-05-14

2012/5/13, Tavi <oalexandre@...>:
> OEH has *akW-a: while Celtic was *ab-. They're from different
> paleo-dialects.


Everybody can see here at best to what extent a difference between
models can grow. Facts are the existence of nouns from *ab- and with
meaning 'water' in Celtic languages and of names from *akWa: for
rivers in (approximately) Celtic lands.
A model (your one) starts from the axiomatic rejection of synonyms in
the same language and concludes that *ab- and *akWa: must go back to
different layers. Another model (my one) starts from their factual
co-existence and projects it back to the (IE) prehistory of the first
historically known local layer (Gaulish).
Both are interpretations. I think this can be a fair conclusion of our
long discussion