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From: Tavi
Message: 69464
Date: 2012-04-30

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> > Dabuwr/Dubuwr: A violent wind blowing from the west.
> > dbr: an evil omen referring to gloom in connection to the west wind,
> > also referring to
> > a tract of the western sky at sunset. For expanded definitions click
> > below:
> >
> >
> Very interesting. Given the absence of Semitic cognates, we must assume
> this is a loanword from some language spoken in the SE Mediterranean
> area.
Of course, a direct borrowing from Ancient Greek can be ruled out due to phonetic mismatch. However, what it most strikes me is Arabic /b/, because if the labial were from series I we should expect /f/ instead. As this would point to series III labial, this makes me reconsider my former assumption about the path by which the word entered Greek, which would be *native* instead.