Re: Hedgehogs ands smiths

From: george knysh
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Date: 2011-06-04

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Subject: [tied] Re: Hedgehogs ands smiths


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> 2. Otherwise, other possibilities come to mind. "Hedgehog" might
> have military implications (though the ones I discovered are very
> modern...). Still, by analogy: one can think of the phalanx, which
> is indeed like a "hedgehog". And the Bastarnians may have fought
> that way, esp. in the Mithradatic wars. All we know about them,
> really, is that they were considered fierce warriors, and even "the
> bravest of the brave". Pretty slim I grant. Or even slimmer: when
> they intermittently occupied Peuce, the island became a sort of
> impregnable fortress, a "hedgehog" if you will...

Well, even though the English language wants to tell you otherwise, a hedgehog is not a hog:
****GK: I was thinking of hedgehog as porcupine actually. And the "military" implications of the beastlet.****