Re: Another tamga mark?

From: Torsten
Message: 66386
Date: 2010-08-05

> > > The elite would have been the first to Grimm-shift.
> > >
> > > GK: Why would a secondary group accompanying the Suebians do
> > > that, if that is indeed the right time frame anyway (waiting for
> > > Piotr
> >
> > I can't answer an argument that call an elite secondary. By
> > definition, an elite, at least in times of happiness or at least
> > happy anticipation, is something which is emulated by the rest of
> > society.
> >
> >
> > ****GK: But I disagree with your postulate. I think the evidence
> > points to Ariovistus being a Suebian and to the Przeworskers not
> > being Suebians at that time.*****
> I think you as best you can are trying to preserve the divion of the
> peoples of Europe in to the Good Race, the Bad Race, and the Race
> that is too dumb to know any better, and that is why you are so
> insistent on non-identity of Suebian (evil Jastorf) and Przworsk
> (too dumb etc).

Not quite fair since I didn't counter the claim.

The Celtic settlement microregion in the area near Kraków
Paulina Poleska, in
Celts on the Margin
Halina Dobrzańska, Vincent Megaw, Paulina Poleska (eds.)
'The opinion that the areas of left-bank terrace of the Vistula River located in the immediate neighbourhood of Kraków played a key role in the development of the whole western Małopolska loess upland during the last centuries BC and the influences originating from there reached far beyond the borders of the area have been expressed in the literature on many occasions. The belief, initially based on random information about spectacular discoveries, increasing in number at a very rapid rate especially over the past few decades when widely ranging rescue operations were under way there in connection with industrial projects, was gradually established by more detailed examinations of certain materials. That was the basis for the frequently formulated postulates concerning the need to provide a comprehensive analytical study of the sources from the La Tène settlements near Kraków (e.g. Woźniak 1986: 20; Dąbrowska 1988: 114ff.). The fulfilment of those postulates was one of the objectives of the author's doctoral dissertation written under the supervision of Professor dr hab. Zenon Woźniak, and defended at the Institute of Archaeology of the Jagiellonian University in 2003. This paper presents the main theses of the dissertation.'

Considering that it would be wrong to put up a watertight division between 'Przeworsk' and 'Suebian' for that time.