Re: Ariovistus' home base

From: george knysh
Message: 65730
Date: 2010-01-21

We don't know where Ariovistus' "home base" was. As usual you go way beyond the available evidence.

--- On Thu, 1/21/10, Torsten <tgpedersen@...> wrote:

> > I prefer the hypothesis that he was slain somewhere on the road,
> > along with many other Suebi.
> On the road to ...?
> GK: The old home, along with other Suebi.
> > Since he likely kept his shield (cf. Tacitus G,6) and "fled to
> > fight another day" his own Suebi wouldn't have killed him.

Apropos Ariovistus' old home: it's the so called Gubin group,
http://tinyurl. com/ylltf43

****GK: We don't know that. It could very well have been further West in classical Yastorfia.*****

as implied here
http://tinyurl. com/yecxx2y
http://tinyurl. com/mr42x3

****GK: Nothing is implied that decisively connects with Ariovistus. Some of these may have been part of his army, others may have left a little later.*****

since it seems to have originated as a Przeworsk-influence d Jastorf culture, according to
http://tinyurl. com/ycug82p
(note the common origin with the Moldavian Poienes.ti-Lukas^ evka culture)
http://tinyurl. com/yex37qb
http://tinyurl. com/yhacxmx

so there wouldn't be much to come home to, everything was deserted (cf the exodus of the Helvetii) and the land taken by someone else
http://tinyurl. com/yfg4nhz

****GK: As mentioned, there is no firm proof that the complete depopulation had occurred by 58 BCE rather than a few years later. Also: the depopulated areas were not repopulated until some two centuries later. The "land taken by someone else" is more of your usual misinformation.****