Re: Sos-

From: tgpedersen
Message: 62634
Date: 2009-01-28

> > Pumpokol hydronyms, as far as I have understood the data, are
> > mainly concentrated between the Ket and Tchulym rivers of the Ob
> > valley, in the ostyak t-sigmatic.
> > BUT, it should also be noted that there seems to be non-Uralic
> > hydronyms with tat/dat pumpokol hydronyms in the Ishim valley of
> > Irtysh. So this might be a spontaneous feature of Pumpokol !
> > God*it This is definitely a complicated case.
> Well, have you read Vovin's article on the possible Yeniseic
> membership in the Hunnic alliance? (I don't recall the precise
> reference at the moment) If he is right, this may have interesting
> implications...

Don't leave out Pulleyblank.
Note the Scythian connection too.