Re: Re[2]: [tied] Laryngeal h4

From: Arnaud Fournet
Message: 61450
Date: 2008-11-07

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From: "Brian M. Scott" <BMScott@...>
>>>> This is "proof by absentia"
>>>> Maybe we just lack a clear example of H + CW.
>>> That's possible, but IMO not probable. It's not just that
>>> H+CW is rare, but the otherwise rare velars are suddenly
>>> much more common after laryngeals. Not only are they
>>> rare, but they're restricted in their language
>>> distribution. They always occur in Greek, yet never occur
>>> in Hittite, Tocharian, Italic, or Celtic.
>> What is "they" ?
> Plain velars.
> Brian

Big news.
Velars appearing in Greek, in Hittite, Tocharian, Italic, or Celtic are not
You must be kindof Halloween-struck.