Re: Cybalist has spiralled out of control.

From: david_russell_watson
Message: 60651
Date: 2008-10-07

--- In, "indravayu" <sonno3@...> wrote:
> The moderators should be ashamed - this used to be a decent list!

I've beat my head against that wall harder and over a longer
period of time than anybody else, I believe, Chris, but there
is a point where even I finally give up and accept that some
things simply cannot be changed.

Since focus and civil atmosphere have been lost for the sake
of freedom, I say we make the best of what can't be changed
and take advantage of that freedom ourselves. Brian tells us
that Usenet functions in exactly this manner, for which see ,
and many people say they would have Usenet no other way.

By the way, it's somewhat appropriate that a list named after
a fellow who himself displays Nostratomania should degenerate
in the same direction. For example see Kirill's webpage at where he claims that
"The Nostratic macrofamily of languages is a scientifically
proven genetic unity of a number of language families of the
Old World".

That's all Indo-European is to some people, a piece in a jig-
saw puzzle for which they dream of winning a prize for putting
together first. If that piece has to be beaten into place to
fit, so be it.