Re: Origin of *marko- Margus murg ma'rgas amurg

From: fournet.arnaud
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Date: 2008-04-18

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>"The same element marc- is attested in local Gaulish names, such as
>Mrco-durum 'horse gate'(?) Marcomagus 'Horse-valley' (DAG 221)
>Marco-lica 'horse-stone (? Spain; Delammare 2003:217) Compare the
>Gaulish proper names Marcomarus, Marcosena, Marcomani, Marcus
> (?, the king's name in the Tristan Legend). Consider Ambio-Marcis
>(dat. pl) a "Matronen-name" (Schmidt 1957:123), mat be relevant here"

>and don't talk:
> about "o- of marco as a Latinized Process"
>supposed to transform "all the Daco-Celtic-Germanic marco- names in
>the same time from a supposed a- to o-"

Dear Marius,

People can easily remotivate the words they loan.
Look at Engine > Chinese YinJing "Treib-Muskel"
and you'll see that -a- > -o- is a child's play.

I don't favor your idea that *mar-ko should be a native i.e word,
especially as the word for "foal" : colt, kis^ora, etc is un-i.e as well.