Re: Origin of *marko- Margus murg ma'rgas amurg

From: alexandru_mg3
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Date: 2008-04-18

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> >> If Mikhailova thinks the name Marcoma(n)ni is Gaulish,
> >> I'd like to see some justification for that claim, plus a
> >> Gaulish interpretation of the second element (it can't
> >> mean 'men' in Celtic!). Similarity is not enough.
> >> Theodoric and Theodore have nothing to do with each
> >> other, notwithstanding their similarity. Placing
> >> Theodoric among a dozen Greek names with Theo- and
> >> -do:ros is not a valid etymological method.
> > This is a 'poor' logic, Piotr.
> This is not a convincing objection from someone who fails to
> distinguish exceptional from normal outcomes. (It would be
> interesting to know what purpose you think is served by the
> quotation marks, which are altogether out of place here.)
> > Let's make it simple to see that your argument above is
> > 'poor'
> > 1. Celtic marko (or a Balkanic marg-/mark-) was loaned in
> > that Germanic dialect with the meaning 'horse'
> Except that the Gmc. '(riding-)horse' word is *marxa-, a
> fact that has been explained to you several times already.
> > 2. Next of course that loan-word became a 'germanic word'
> > too (like ran& is a Romanian word today too) so a Germanic
> > compound Marco-manni is understandable.
> Indeed -- as Gmc. 'men of the march'. No special pleading
> is required.
> [...]
> Brian

1. Brian -> there are No Exceptions in lingvistic.
Whenever we have 'exceptions' is still something not well
explained there....we missed something...

2. Next, try at least to read what I have written. You will see
that it has sense and what Piotr invoked doesn't have any sense :

He supposed more or less:

"that if marko- 'horse'" is Celtic - 'manni' should be Celtic
too..." so he ignore that Marcomanni can be a Germanic compound that
use a Celtic loan and was formed together with a Germanic word

Clear for you now?