Re: Origin of *marko- Margus murg ma'rgas amurg

From: Abdullah Konushevci
Message: 57493
Date: 2008-04-17

--- In, Piotr Gasiorowski <gpiotr@...> wrote:
> On 2008-04-15 23:21, alexandru_mg3 wrote:
> They refer to the colour of animals, not to any particular species.
> *marxa-, *marxjo:n- and Celtic *marko- refer to horses (never to
> oxen, etc.). More specifically, they suggest a horse's function
> ('saddle-horse'), but never its colour. Also, *m(a)rg- doesn't fit
> either Celtic or Germanic (there is no "Germanic marko-"), both of
> seem to derive from a form with *k (or *k^).
> Piotr
Albanian word murgjan/murgjar 'saddle horse' (OAED, 549) has exactly
this meaning. With the stress in last syllable this word could lead
us to preform *morg-yon, for o > u if /o/ is in unstressed position:
Lat. molinum > mulli 'mill', Lat. corona > kunorë/kurorë 'crown' etc.
I doubt that in the case of *mark- 'horse' we have to deal with the
doublets *mark-/*morg- as o-grade variant.