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From: fournet.arnaud
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Date: 2008-04-13

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> The generic term for any salmon is /sc^een&xW/; a salmon
> after spawning is /k'Wal'&xW/, which is also the word for
> 'dog salmon'; a big salmon going upstream is /siné?&c^/; a
> spring salmon is /st'ÞaqWi?/ (where the upper-case thorn
> stands for a superscript theta); a coho salmon is /þew'&n/;
> and a humpback salmon is /h&n&n'/.
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>> It's a small world. *s_?-l- "salmon".

Dear Brian,
I'm glad you have started to look where I suggested.

As regards the other words of Salmon in Salish,
many are of Nganasan origin, north of Yenissei by the way.
Especially /k'Wal'&xW/,
I let you find data to check this statement.