Re: Horse Sense (was: [tied] Re: Hachmann versus Kossack?)

From: fournet.arnaud
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Date: 2008-04-13

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> Arnaud made essentially the same observation back in
> September (with the same evidence that he's just mentioned
> in response to you) and was rather comprehensively refuted
> by Piotr in
> <>.

And it was over so quickly that it didn't register as serious. I
though Arnaud knew how to access Pokorny - we certainly didn't ask him
to explain away *k^wek 'gape', *k^wen 'holy' and *k^wes 'sigh, puff'.

I will put aside *kwes which might be onomatopeia.
Cf. Chinese KeSou.

As regards the two others, it's just phonotaxis :

Gray : gh(r)_H1_i = k^_i (s)
Pok 540

Gape : gh_H1_w = k^w_k
Pok 449

Holy : gh_wH1 = k^w-en
Pok 413
Pok 630

I can read Pokorny, and I can read between the lines.
ghH1w_ = k^w_

What other examples do you have ?
I always relish in making shreds with learned fiflska.

This issue is connected with intensive phonemes.
Some languages within the IE family created intensive phonemes out of C+H.
Namely : north-caucasic, indo-iranian, greek, armenian, germanic
Unclear : balto-slavic.

This isogloss is one more major reason to declare Germanic an eastern
Cf. phol > fall.