Re: Hachmann versus Kossack?

From: tgpedersen
Message: 57201
Date: 2008-04-13

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> > ****GK: BTW AF has sent me a defence of his "Asiatic
> > Germans" position. Purely linguistic. Is there any
> > reason why he can't propose this to the cybalist
> > community? He says he's "under embargo", but another
> > post of his has just appeared here...****
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> For his proposal to work, I'd expect to see a
> substantial Uralic adstrate in Gmc, probably some
> parallels with Tokharian.

Hm. How much adstrate would we see if the upper layer of the
Ariovistus expansion were renegades from Mithridates' polyglot army?
How much German adstrate is there in South and Central American Spanish?

BTW Ariovistus states in 58 BCE that he has been campaigning for
fourteen years, ie. from 72 BCE. In 72 BCE was the battle of Cabira , 15
and the Olthacus incident was at that time too. , 16