Re: Re[7]: [tied] Gemination in Celtic

From: fournet.arnaud
Message: 56417
Date: 2008-04-02

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From: Brian M. Scott

> I would be rather prudent with this example of
> st- > t- > it-

> I believe the real name never stopped to have a
> prosthetic vowel.

It's possible, but I see no obvious reason to assume so.

I'm trying to make some sense
out of this pop-up/pop-off initial.
It can just be a writing oddity
> And Yvelines is not Normandy by the way.

I didn't say that it was; the 'Norman' invaders were by no
means homogeneous in origin, so I saw no need to limit my
search to Normandy. If anyone cares, it's in the
Île-de-France region.


The pattern X + ville is not limited to Normandy
or Northmen settlements.
It can be Frankish or Dutch
In this case :Ytteville, Frankish seems more probable.

Anyway, this is very little relevant
as the #e- added before s-C is basically
a phonological feature of old French
(inherited from Romance)