Re: *a/*a: ablaut

From: tgpedersen
Message: 52830
Date: 2008-02-12

> > > Would it be accurate to say that the evidence is sufficient to
> > > warrant a belief that
> > >
> > > *wa:-g^-, *gla:-dh-u-, and *wa:-s- came into PIE with long
> > > vowels in place?
> How come there exists also *weik- "kill", *ghleidh- "glide"
> ("shine"), *wes- "be present"? Is it possible that these are words
> from an IE substrate?
> ***
> No substrate, I think. Just different finals.

Final what?

> First though: why *wa:g^- and *weik-?
> Second: why gla:- as against *ghle(i)-?
> Do the consonants not have to match up for us to make any valid
> inferences?

They do, if we're talking descent, not loan.

> Third: I am not sure *wa:s- and *wes- are actually semantically
> related.

*wes- also means "stay overnight"

And BTW, what did you mean by 'come into PIE'? How?