Re: [tied] Renfrew's theory renamed as Vasco-Caucasian

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Date: 2007-09-19

The main fact is that
most Greek dialects have ippos or hippos,
which does not follow the standard isoglosses
and ikkos also exists.
This just proves that this word and this animal
entered Greek reality after Greek dialects
had already acquired (most of) their features.
Even though this word is probably an indo-european
creation based on H_kw "fast" (by a particular language)
it is not common PIE.
PIE was already scattered when this word was created.
What about Tokharian yäkw as the base for *ikwos
> ippos ?
This word Hekwos is not common PIE
and *mar-ko is not either.
And that's it.
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etos, no!

eqo- > *epo-, eqe- > ete-

Perhaps Epeios, who made theTrojan Horse < *epos <*h1ekwos

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supposedly *Hekwos  :
LAtin equus ok
Gaulish epo- ok
Greek : ikkos, hikkos
should be etos (attic) or epos (dorian)
Conclusion : Totally F... up.
Hittite : obviously an Iranian loanword.
Sanscrit : ashvas
should be akas.
Won again...
Have you ever heard about Phonetic Correspondances
as the founding principle of Comparatism ?
Please read your Classics for Epistemological reference.
This word is a shame on the face of Indo-Europeanists.
 "It shows every sign of being
inherited from PIE." : Every sign of being not.
Next :
supposedly a cognate limited to Celtic and Germanic.
Looks healthy.
Is worth no good.
Asiatic languages for Mongolian to Chinese to Burmese
point toward -o- as the vowel in this word : "horse"
*mor is the first step toward reconstruction
Next step : Chinese Mandarin is third tone : ma3
=> hence glottal stop final.
so the reconstruction should be *mor-?-
that is PIE equivalent : *mor-H2-
We need a language within PIE where o > a
and r-H2-k > r-k with no vocalic traces.
I suggest proto-Germanic as a good candidate
and this is one more indication
that Germanic was in a very eastern position.
between Asiatic languages and European languages.
============ ========
All this neolithic data amount to nothing at all.
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> Most "neolithic" words in PIE are limited geographically and don't
even pass phonological controls : Cf. the absurd Hekwos horse : this
word is obviously not a cognate but a wanderwort, with huge phonetic

But what tell-tale irregularities? It shows every sign of being
inherited from PIE.


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