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Breton village-names are based on Latin roots :
vic-us pag-us etc.
It is quite obvious that they have mixed with Latin speakers.
and the flood of immigrants was enough to bring these LAtin
speakers to turn to Breton.
Breton also retains the archaic meaning of a Latin word :
merenn : mid-day meal
In Old French : merende, merande is : 5 pm collation.
The Breton word must be a direct loanword from Latin.
The hypothesis that Bretagne was empty is impossible.
It was inhabited with Latin speakers.
We also have complains to French Kings that the Bretons
are becoming so many that the local non-Breton population
is being "squeezed" and threatened. (VII century)
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> Bretons began emigrating into (France) Bretagne after year 500 AD,
> at a time, when Roman Empire was finished.
> In fact, any Celtic language probably was wiped out for about a
> century between the end of Gaulish, with 400 AD as the most
> optimistic datation, and 500 AD, for the start of Breton invasion.
St. Patrick, in his brief autobiography, which I believe is
considered authentic, relates that when he escaped to Gaul (sometime
in the early or middle 5th century) they traveled through uninhabited
land for twenty-eight days, until they nearly starved.
I've never seen a discussion of this remarkable statement, but it
does suggest that the British might have immigrated into a demographic