Re: Renfrew's theory renamed as Vasco-Caucasian

From: Francesco Brighenti
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Date: 2007-09-17

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> > > The only thing I would spare is [Vennemann's 'Atlantic'
> > > or 'Semitidic'], [...] probably linked to the spread of
> > > megalithism along the Atlantic coast.
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> > I don't think he mentions that.
> Of course, because this is my theory.

No, that is actually Vennemann's own theory:

"From about 5000 BC onward, Semitidic peoples, bearers of the
megalithic culture, moved north along the Atlantic coast to all the
islands and up the navigable rivers as seafaring colonizers, until
they reached southern Sweden in the middle of the third millennium.
[...] I assume the megalithic culture to have spread along the
Atlantic coast from the south and west of the Iberian Peninsula and
France (5th millennium) via Ireland and Britain (4th millennium) all
the way to Sweden (3rd millennium) and thus to have its origin in
the coastal regions between the western Mediterranean and the
Atlantic, where I locate the homeland of the Semitic peoples"
(Vennemann, Theo. Europa Vasconica - Europa Semitica. Trends in
linguistics. Studies and monographs. Bd 138. Mouton de Gruyter,
Berlin 2003, p. 594. English translation provided in Philip Baldi &
B. Richard Page's review of Vennemann's monography in _Lingua_ 116
[2006], p. 2193).

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