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Date: 2007-06-07

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> > And how about Germanic folk (<*folkam)? What its origin? It would
> > point to a PIE *plg(^)om or...*folkam<folkkam < *plg(^)/k(^)nom...
> > PIE? pre-Germanic?
> Cf. ON folk "people, army, detachment", claimed to be loan in OSl
> plUkU, Russian polk "division of an army", Lith. pulkas "crowd"
> Vennemann (Germania Semitica, in Europa Vasconica - Europa Semitica)
> compares with the many Semitic stems of the triconsonantal form plC
> all meaning approximately "divide, split" (Arabic falah.a- "to
> plough" -> fellaheen "farmers"), particularly plgh "Abteilung, Gau
> (als Abteilung eines Stammes); ...", cf also plk "Kreis, Bezirk;
> ..." Cf. also Engl. flock, ON flockr, Da. flok, Sw. flock.

And Proto-Germ. *fulGj- "follow"?
(cf. ON fylki, OE gefylce "flock of warriors";
ON fylgja "guardian spirit", ON fylking "battle order")